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ROREC Hyaluronic Acid Injection Face Serum Liquid Tights Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Aging Collagen Facial Essence Moisturizing Whitening


Item specifics:

Brand Name:                          ROREC

Item Type:                              Face Serum

Ingredient:                             Sodium hyaluronate. Xanthan gum

Feature:                                  Moisturizing

Certificate Number:              2016032021

Country/Region of Manufacture: China

GZZZ:                                      YGZWBZ

Certification:                          GZZZ

Formulation:                          Lotion

Model Number:                     HC-MB016

Gender:                                  Female

Product Name:                       Hyaluronic acid. serum for face. essence

Functions:                              Moisturizing whiting. miracle glow. hydrating

Advantage:                             Plant moisturizing serum. day and night use

Effect:                                     Anti-aging serum. depth replenishment

Suitable Age:                          Unlimited. liquid serum. smooth delicate

Suitable for:                           For dry skin. oily skin. skin care. whitening

Item Type:                              Face skin care. facial aesthetics. beauty products

Use for Face:                          Serum facial skin care. nourishing and moisturizing

Quality Inspection:                Qualified. plant moisturizing serum. repairing

Expiration Date:                    24 months. anti -wrinkle firming. ageless

Product Description:

Hyaluronic Acid Injection Face Serum Liquid Tights Anti-Wrinkle Anti Aging Collagen Facial Essence Moisturizing Whitening



Hyaluronic Acid. Essence. Moisturizing & Nourishing. Smear on the face. Delicate. Replenishes water.




Glycerol, glycerol polymethacrylate, propylene glycol, nicotinamide, sodium hyaluronate, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, allantoin, xanthan gum, disodium EDTA, bis (hydroxymethyl) imidazolidine urea, Alcohol Butyl Carbamate, Flavor, Methylisothiazolinone.

[Product efficacy]

Replenish skin with water and nutrition, making it bright and healthy.

[How to use]

  1. After cleansing the face, gently dry it
  2. Twist off the lid and take appropriate amount of essence onto palm by gently pushing the needle tubing.
  3. Apply evenly onto the skin and gently massage until it is completely absorbed.
  4. After use, the skin is comfortable and hydrated.

[Net weight]


The rehydration of water is smooth and tight Replenish skin with water and nutrition Hyaluronic Acid Collagen EssencNourish    Soft moist   Moisturizing


Basic information

Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Essence

Net Weight: 10ml

Product efficacy: Replenish skin with water and nutrition, making it bright and healthy


Moisturizing & Nourishing

Deeply nourishes and refines the skin

Hydrated skin is the source of all beauty

Add moisture, brightens the complexion, showing a uniform smooth transparent skin

Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Essence


Apply the hyaluronic acid collagen essence with fingertips instead of injection into the skin

Super hydrating ingredients

Makes skin tender, smooth and bright after use

Smearing instead of injection

Smear on the face


Takes care of delicate skin

Leaves skin soft and watery

skin care

care for delicate skin

You used to have the inborn beautiful skin...

Have you ever dreamed of the baby skin? The essence can penetrate into the skin deep and rejuvenate it with effective care and comfort.

Deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin by hyaluronic acid collagen essence


Smear on the face

Smearing on the face instead of injection ensures the safety of each woman who has the high demand for beauty.

Hydrating ingredients

Formulated with sodium hyaluronate, the natural moisturizing ingredient will create watery and smooth skin.

Simple and Portable

Compared with the traditional water needle which requires the injection into skin, the product is easy to use and carry 


The moisture of 1g hyaluronic acid is equivalent to 1000cc water. With added hyaluronic acid and multiple moisturizing ingredients, Hanchan water needle can penetrate quickly into the skin deep by only smearing on the face, leaving skin comfortable and brilliant.

Common essence   Moisturizing

Hyaluronic acid collagen essence    Nourishing 


New star of skin care product in hydrating your skin for a youthful healthier look

Little essence, super moisture

A natural plant extract penetrate into the skin


Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Essence

Why is smear type water needle so popular?

  1. Constantly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making it clear and shining.
  2. Delicate

Regulate hydration and prevent the skin from being dehydrated, leaving skin moist and tender.


With delicate texture, the product will give skin much needed boost of nutrients, helping the skin to regain firmness and glow.

  1. Replenishes water, making skin smooth and shining as newborn.


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